more future film projects by lars von trier (probably)

  • i’d fuck tarkovsky’s corpse (2015)
  • it’s not racist, it’s subversive (2016)
  • i’m not sexist because i’ve employed women (to talk about their cunts!) (2017)
  • antisemitism: a wild ride (featuring at least 5 tortured, nude white women) (2018)
  • don’t blame me, i’m depressed! (2019)
  • sexually threatening black men (2020)
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how do I turn it off???????????????????????

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You cannot call a society which has 3.5 million homeless and 18.5 million vacant homes civil. That’s violent and morally bankrupt.

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l was only curious to know how it started.

Now l know.

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y tu mamá también (2001)

y tu mamá también (2001)

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❝ Don’t get too high and mighty, ladies. Don’t step out of line. Don’t do anything to upset or disappoint men who feel entitled to your time, bodies, affection or attention. Your bared body can always be used as a weapon against you. You bared body can always be used to shame and humiliate you. Your bared body is at once desired and loathed. ❞

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The only nail polish for me


The only nail polish for me

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Me flirting


Me flirting

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here’s the thing:

  • respect sex workers, but
  • do not defend the porn industry 
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❝ The less you eat, drink and buy books; the less you go to the theatre, the dance hall, the public house; the less you think, love, theorise, sing, paint, fence, etc., the more you save – the greater becomes your treasure which neither moths nor rust will devour – your capital. The less you are, the less you express your own life, the more you have, i.e., the greater is your alienated life, the greater is the store of your estranged being. ❞

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Stitch this mate!

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talents include looking 12 and saying thank you to the bus driver

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My hovercraft is full of eels.
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